Stern Trading Academy

Stern Trading Academy

Stern Binary Options Trading believe that education is the key to successful trading. While the concept of binary options trading is simple, there are a few tricks and tips that novice traders and professional traders need to know in order to trade successfully, and for this reason Stern has created their own trading academy. If this wouldn’t suffice you can contact their customer support to ask about topics that might not be in the education center, and usually they will make sure it is and write about it.

Because the primary goal is to ensure that traders reach their financial goals and become wealthy, as part of a complete offering to the clients, Stern have set up the Stern Education Center.

The Mission

The mission of the Stern Binary Options Trading company is to help thousands of investors to reach their financial goals. As part of that mission, the trading academy offers traders the opportunity to access training and knowledge guides for every level – from the ‘newbie’, novice trader to the most experienced, professional trader.

Access to the Academy

Access to the trading academy materials is free to Stern Options customers, and it is meant to complement the advice from professional analysts, managers, as well as the financial market reviews and other miscellaneous tools that they offer. All traders are encouraged to make use of the opportunity to read through our education material and use the content contained therein when making trades.

The Philosophy

The Stern Options philosophy is that a holistic education goes far beyond, and is much more important than, learning a couple of strategies to help you trade successfully. The outcomes of a holistic education are aimed at providing you with the skills and knowledge that you need to become a successful, well-rounded trader. In other words, not only will you be able to conduct market analysis and place successful trades, but you will have gained experience in a wide range of different trading circumstances which will help you make the correct decisions in challenging circumstances.

Challenges, not Problems

The staff at Stern Academy believe that there are no challenges that should remain unsolved. In other words, every challenge has a solution and there are no problems, only challenges. The Stern Option staff believe that it is important for traders to see the difference between problems and challenges. In a nutshell, a problem is negative and very seldom has a positive outcome, while a challenge can be seen as a positive with a solution.

Popularity of Binary Options Trading

The popularity of trading in binary options is rising by the minute. It is fast becoming one of the most popular forms of Forex and stock trading worldwide. It is also well known that Binary Options are among the simplest financial instruments available for trading online today. In simplified terms, as its name states, there are only two options: a correct option and an incorrect option.

What attracts novice and professional traders to trading in binary options?

One of the reasons why binary options trading is very popular is that it is very simple to understand how to trade in them. This is why it is so attractive to both beginner and experienced traders alike.

It is important to note, that, even though binary options trading is the simplest vehicle to use when trading on global stock markets, a trader requires a certain amount of knowledge on how stock options work before being able to trade successfully. Note that “beginner’s luck” is a reality, but for continuing success it is crucial that traders to avail themselves of the wealth of knowledge available in the trading academy.

Binary Options and Education

Even though binary options trading is so simple, there is a still a lot of knowledge that traders should acquire to help them reduce the percentage of losses, and increase the percentages of wins while trading. Unfortunately, this level of knowledge is usually only available to financial experts. Nonetheless, the trading academy staff have collected this information, allowing the Stern Options traders the opportunity to access this knowledge.

The sooner traders are “in the know”, the sooner they will be able to trade successfully, even though it is impossible to know everything about financial markets and stock market trading educational experts work hard at increasing their knowledge, and availing themselves of the opportunity to keep on passing their knowledge onto you.

What educational materials does the Stern Trading Academy offer?

As part of the solution to the various trading challenges, the Stern Trading Academy staff have set up forums where traders are able to help each other solve problems. Experience has shown that traders are often able to add immense value to helping one another trade successfully and consequently, are advised to consult the forums before panicking about a trade. You can rest assured that someone else has come across the challenge that you are facing before and will be able to help you.

Apart from the forums, the academy consists of a series of videos, designed to take you through the steps of trading binary options from start to finish. You can view the videos individually or you can view them in the sequence that they are designed to be viewed in. The aim of these videos is to help you advance from a novice trader to an advanced trader who is knowledgeable and competent in the art of setting up successful trades. You can also visit our page on trading methods, strategies, and instruments on Stern Trading Methods.

The content contained in the academy videos covers both beginner and advanced topics. The videos include topics such as:

  • risk management
  • the basics of binary options trading
  • technical analysis techniques
  • fundamental analysis skills and techniques
  • advanced binary options strategies
  • how to read financial and trading charts
  • how not to trade with your emotions

For those of you who prefer reading than watching videos, the same content is available in an eBook format seeing how some people are auditory learners, while others prefer reading rather than listening.

The FAQ of Stern Options section covers most, if not all, of the most common questions asked by binary options traders, and the site have gathered the questions that traders have asked over the years, and have compiled them into one comprehensive FAQ section. Once again, consult the FAQ section when looking for information on basic topics such as how to place a trade and what to watch out for when trading etc.

The Stern academy documentation also consists of technical articles written by financial analysts and experts in the binary options trading field. These articles continue to be written and updated on a regular basis. You will find this content both in the academy section of the website, as well as among the blog content.

Final Words

Even though the basic concepts of binary options trading are simple to grasp, traders always benefit from well written educational materials. This is the aim of the trading academy at stern options. So whether you’re a new trader or a seasoned professional you are recommended to check this extensive academy. Don’t forget, we can all learn new things, and that in binary options, it’s important to always keep learning and keep striving to be better. So go ahead and take a few moments to learn from real traders by clicking Trading with Stern!