The Stern E-book – Your Guide to Success


Stern Options is well-renowned for its excellent customer service and outstanding trading platform, but that’s not all it has to offer. In addition to brilliant overall software and support, Stern also offers an exclusive educational program that includes an introductory e-book, videos, news feeds and more. All of this has been specifically designed to teach traders every single thing they need to know to achieve the most success and maximize profits.

Collectively known as the Stern Academy, this array of educational resources is absolutely free to anyone who creates an account with Stern Binary Options. Containing courses dedicated to individual areas of binary options for maximum retention, this academy also offers an impressive E-Book that acts as the perfect accompaniment to their entire range of training resources.

So, if you’re an enthusiastic new trader wanting to learn more before getting started, the Stern E-Book is the perfect place to begin. Better still, it’s completely free and can be read online from the comfort of your own home!

What’s in the E-Book?

Once you’ve signed up to Stern and are ready to make full use of their resources, it’s useful to know exactly what to expect.

Here’s a simple breakdown of the three primary sections you will find in the e-Book:

  • The Binary Options E-Book – This is the best place to start as it covers all the basics to ensure you begin your trading smartly and efficiently. Covering topics such as basic binary options terms, how to use a variety of trading tools, psychological concepts and behavioral patterns often seen in veteran traders, and top tips on how to make your trading as successful as possible.
  • Advanced Binary Trading E-Book – designed for those who’ve read the first Binary E-Book, Stern’s Advanced Binary eBook provides exactly what its name suggests: advanced tips and techniques for the more experienced trader. Better still, this E-Book is available in an innovative 3D format, allowing you to ‘flip’ the pages yourself and get a truly interactive experience.
  • Stern Binary Options Platform E-Book – expertly crafted to help you put all you’ve learned into practice, this E-Book will teach you everything you need to know about Stern’s trading platform. It will also teach you exactly how to implement the new strategies you’ll have gained into your trading, and achieve the greatest success you possibly can.

As if this E-Book wasn’t enough, the Stern Academy also contains a variety of different courses specific to particular parts of trading. In these courses, you’ll learn everything in even more detail, equipping you with the foundations to become an expert trader as quickly as possible. To find out more about these courses in detail, check out the rest of our site to discover what they offer!


As with everything at Stern, you’re guaranteed to receive top-quality support the entire way. Due to the sheer amount of brilliant teaching resources available here, some brand new traders may become overwhelmed and may get slightly confused with the amount of important information on offer.

So, if you dive straight into the E-Book and find yourself struggling with how to process what you’re learning, Stern have a 24/7 expert customer service team that will be more than happy to help. In addition, upon creating your account and making use of the educational resources, you’ll be assigned a personal Account Manager who will be by your side every step of the way.

It’s the job of your Account Manager to give you personalized advice and tips on how to implement what you’ve learnt in the best possible way. Expert traders themselves, Stern’s Account Managers know exactly what they’re talking about, and are guaranteed to enhance your trading experience like never before.

Better still, as this is an E-Book, you’re able to take things at your own pace and read the material in whichever order you want to. All traders have their own personal preference on how they want to learn and get started, and this Stern e-Book certainly gives you the flexibility to do that. There are no deadlines or strong commitments that need to be made; you simply create your account, and you’re ready to get reading whenever you like.

So, if you’re looking for a top-quality trading site that not only has a world-class platform, but actually teaches you how to properly use it, look no further!